Sunday, March 25, 2012

Barrett-Jackson to build permanent $40 million facility in Scottsdale

The massive tent at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction is an impressive sight. Occupying 120,000 square feet and stretching a quarter mile, it sufficiently houses the hundreds of collector cars and thousands of visitors that pass through it every January. Even so, the tent needs to be rebuilt annually, and the auction company has been pushing for a permanent facility for more than a decade. Now it looks like their wish will be granted, as the Scottsdale, AZ city council has approved construction of a new building on the WestWorld grounds where the current event is held.

The new facility is estimated to cost around $40 million, but Barrett-Jackson says that it'll save money in the long run on temporary infrastructure costs. The building will also be designed to better accommodate the constant flow of cars driving up to the auction block as, well as have dedicated areas for SPEED's TV crews and food and vendor services. Barrett-Jackson says that it also plans to build a new headquarters and car museum on land adjacent to WestWorld.

CLICK HERE to see Official details on the plans for the new building and the press release from Barrett-Jackson.

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