Friday, August 3, 2012

The Venue Scottsdale revamped with more space, new look!

The Venue Scottsdale is getting a new look and an additional 8,000 square feet, which is set to debut in first-quarter 2013.

“The renovation process going on here at The Venue has been kind of a long one,” said David Twigger, director of sales and marketing for the business.

The building has gone through multiple iterations in the 17 years California resident Victor Perrillo has been operating there. It opened as the Cajun House and became the Venue of Scottsdale in 2005 when it began hosting private events. Until 2010, The Venue was mostly known as a concert hall, which was its primary business. It began to transition away from concerts that year, hosting other special events. The Venue has already spent $1 million on the latest renovations expected to cost between $1.5 million and $1.75 million, according to Twigger.

Gone is the New Orleans style décor, including the cobblestone street. It now has a stamped concrete floor, granite countertops and a limestone bar and façade. The venue also is getting new lighting and sound systems, which Twigger said is an ongoing process because that equipment will be continually upgraded.

A retractable roof has returned to the venue, as well. It was sealed during the nightclub era because of noise ordinance violations. Twigger said loud music in the club would go until 2 a.m., when Arizona bars must close. Now that The Venue mostly is used for private events, noise is not as much of a concern.

Passersby will once again be able to enjoy part of the facility as the first floor of the new 8,000-square-foot space will be open to the public. That space is connected the rest of The Venue allowing private parties to rent out the entire area. The second floor and the roof will be reserved for private events.

The Venue had customers in the past who wanted to hold multiple events, but Twigger said the space was not ideal for that. Since the second floor and roof each have their own elevators and entrances now, the site could hold three events at once, Twigger said.

For now, the space is being ambiguously referred to as V&V, Twigger said, the meaning of which will be revealed in the fall.

Twigger said he did not have an estimate on how much additional business the expansion will drive, but he expects it to increase. Capacity of Venue Scottsdale was 1,200 people, but the new space will allow up to 2,300 people, he said.

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The Venue Scottsdale is a Proud Member of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce.

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