Friday, May 10, 2013

Chairman's Corner

Each year the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce honors a few of the hundreds of volunteers who work to make the business community stronger through our Business Volunteer Awards (BVA). The BVA were created to acknowledge the incredible debt of gratitude the Chamber feels for the many hours of work business leaders choose to give.

I have said many times that without our volunteers this organization would be unable to fulfill its mission to build a vibrant and prosperous community. Every volunteer who devotes time to the Chamber could choose to volunteer elsewhere and many do. They conduct their business but, like me, see a real value in involvement and a sense of accomplishment in helping the organization succeed.

A committee of members selects the Business Volunteer Awards recipients following a nomination process that includes all members and staff of the Chamber. This year’s honorees are indeed deserving of recognition, and they will receive their awards at the Chamber’s first annual meeting to be held on May 21st at 7:30 in the morning at The Venue of Scottsdale. I would like to encourage all members of the Chamber to attend this exciting event where Rick Kidder will also outline the year ahead for the Chamber.

This year’s Business Volunteer Award recipients are:

Legacy Award: Bill Heckman, Heckman Marketing Associates Inc
This award honors a volunteer who has risen above the call of duty over a number of years, contributing not only to the Chamber, but to the community at large. Previous honorees include Art DeCabooter, Eileen Rogers, Wendy Springborn-Pitman, Mark Eberle, Dale Fingersh, Tom Sadvary, Virginia Korte, Eric Larson, and Kurt Brueckner.

Segner Award: Kurt Zitzer, Meagher & Geer PLLP
The Segner Award honors contributions to and impacts on the Chamber's success. Previous honorees include John Avianantos, Curt Smith, Mike Horsman, Dale Fingersh, Don Matheson, Eric Larson, Steve Helm, Angela Creedon, Marion Kelly, Mark Eberle, and Camille Hill.

Rising Star Award: Jim Walker, Walker Business Consulting, LLC
This award recognizes an individual for his or her volunteer spirit and leadership promise. Previous honorees include Judy Egan, Mike Ryan, Thaine Fischer, Michael Famileti, Geoff Beer, Michele Yates, Jennifer Bongiovanni, Holly Schor, Andrew Bourne, Bryce Lloyd, and Kevin Sellers.

The Dale B. Fingersh Volunteer of the Year Award: Matthew Wright, Landmark Aviation
The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding volunteer for his/her dedication, commitment, and service to the Chamber. Previous honorees include: Karen Loftus, Don Scher, Marc Paquette, Mary Christmas, Laureen Leston (twice), Andrew Chippindall, and Jane Blacker.

Chairman’s Award: To Be Announced!
The Chairman’s Award is a special designation bestowed at the discretion of the Board Chair to an individual or individuals who contributed most to a successful year. Nominations are not accepted for this category. This one is a surprise and revealed at the actual event! Previous honorees include: Ellen Andres Schneider, Linda Milhaven, Karen Wittmer, Leslie Nyquist, Kurt Brueckner, Dale Fingersh, Tom Sadvary, and Brad Casper.

There will be more surprises at this wonderful celebration, and I hope to see you all there!

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