Friday, May 10, 2013

Economic Development Update

Change at the City’s Economic Development Office

Initial interviews, callbacks and final interviews have been held for the open position of Scottsdale’s Economic Development Director. Chair Eric Larson was recruited by city staff to serve as an interviewer in the first round and reports that he was pleased with the talent interested in the city’s highest economic development post.

Jim Mullin, who served the city in that capacity on a contract basis, was let go by the City Manager a couple of months ago. That departure has allowed the city to pursue an economic development senior staff position rather than a contract professional and the successful candidate will lead a seasoned staff of professionals who work hard to improve the economic base of our city. The appointment should be made and announced very soon, and the Chamber looks forward to working closely with the new director.

Focus Initiative Groups (FIGs)
Part of the ongoing work following Scottsdale Forward in March was the creation of four FIGs that will work from May through the summer in order to help focus Chamber initiatives on behalf of our membership and the city.

The reinvestment group, chaired by David Gulino, will discuss issues related to redevelopment and aging infrastructure in our city. Matt Wright will chair the group looking into transportation issues in Scottsdale. Suzann Klapp will chair the group looking at how we can all support local business more fully, and Chris Cole will chair the group looking into how Scottsdale and the business community can help create and enhance an entrepreneurial environment in our city.
The work product for those groups will be practical suggestions, three or four in number, vetted by the group to help the Chamber find actionable items for the coming year. The groups have either just started meeting or will begin by month’s end. Members of the Chamber and the community may still join those groups by contacting Terry Finch at
City Possibilities – Scottsdale
The Chamber, in partnership with City Possibilities LLC, is launching a first of its kind online citizen engagement platform called City Possibilities. We want your thoughts and ideas, as well as those from every citizen in Scottsdale.

This on-line, real-time survey is intended to establish an ongoing conversation throughout the city, with participants encouraged to return to update their opinions on a regular basis.
Once you give us your initial feedback, you will have access to your own personal dashboard where you will be able to see what others are saying and thinking and compare their thoughts and ideas to your own.

Join us in this conversation today!  It only takes about 7 minutes to make a difference.  Go to to participate.  And please encourage all your friends and colleagues to do so as well.

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