Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ambassador Committee Update

Dale & Linda Fingersh, Chairs – The committee met on September 6 at the STARS Osborn Campus. The meeting was hosted by STARS to acknowledge their designation as the charity chosen by “Give it Forward,” a subsidiary committee of the Ambassadors, for the next six months. A tour of the facility followed the meeting. The committee was impressed by the facility and especially enjoyed the art work which adorns the walls. The talent of the clients is amazing. 

The Trade Show registration sign up was completed. There was coverage for all the shifts. 

Quick Start Calls are completed by the Ambassador committee. These calls have seven items of discussion and are made to new members. The process was reviewed and it was decided that a Steering Committee headed by Mary Christmas would review the process, the script and discuss how to make the calls more effective. They were also charged with developing an action plan for the new process. It was decided that the Chamber Sales force would do the first call to remind the new member about the upcoming “New Member Orientation” and encourage them to attend. The new committee will follow up with a call and Mary will report monthly at the Ambassador meeting regarding the contacts made. 

There were five new committee members. 

The next meeting is October 4.

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